How to Address Pain Points in Construction

How to Address Pain Points in Construction

Construction projects are often complex and need to be completed under significant time constraints. However, if you’re a subcontractor, you know that the rise in available projects and the increase in sophistication of those projects is making it increasingly difficult to stay on schedule and complete your work within the designated time. This is due to several widespread challenges, including a shortage of skilled labor, procurement problems, delivery delays, miscommunication, a lack of integration of new technologies and last, but certainly not least, cashflow issues.

So how can you address these pain points? The following strategies may help.

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  • Build a pool of talented workers. According to a survey by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and Autodesk, 80 percent of construction firms found it challenging to fill hourly craft positions. There are various ways to address this challenge, including offering higher pay and better benefits, working with staffing companies and training inexperienced workers in-house.
  • Use a virtual warehouse. A virtual warehouse keeps track of inventory via a comprehensive list of all available products and their locations. This offers several benefits — it automatically ships products from the location that is closest to the delivery site, it can offer product alternatives from other manufacturers when an item is out of stock and it allows the customer to keep track of the product in real time. This facilitates procurement and reduces delivery delays, which in turn helps keep your projects on track.
  • Improve communication. Ineffective communication can lead to misunderstandings, compromised work relationships and missed deadlines. You need to hone your communication skills so you can interact effectively with stakeholders, peers and workers alike.
  • Use construction management software. Projects undergo changes all the time — and you need to communicate those changes to your workers as soon as they’re decided on. By using cloud-based construction management software that updates data, plans and project management details in real time, you can be sure that the latest changes are accurately reflected on the plans and instructions your people refer to on their devices.
  • Deploy easy-to-use field solutions. Jobsite layout tools, 3D laser scanning and other field solutions offer a great way to boost accuracy — which reduces rework — and increase productivity — which allows you to complete more with fewer resources. By equipping your people with these types of technological solutions, you can facilitate their jobs while at the same time, making the worksite safer.
  • Update your billing system. When you’re waiting on clients to pay their bills, it eats into your cashflow and can compromise your ability to operate. By using an online invoicing system, you can generate invoices on the go and send them to clients as soon as you complete a job. In addition, many online invoicing systems have features that send out automatic reminders for late payments and alert you when payments are past due.

The construction industry currently offers many opportunities — and those opportunities can lead to significant business growth. By keeping these strategies in mind, you can address common pain points in construction and optimize your business. That way, you can offer your clients more value while always completing projects on time. Contact LevelXSupply today to optimize your commercial real estate development with commercial construction supplies and comprehensive budget analysis.

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